Translogic Intellishift Quickshifter System for Yamaha Models


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QSXi Intellishift Quickshifter ECU

Unique and powerful, superior Intellishift Quickshifter technology featuring MotoGP seamless shift simulation and adaptive-shift-technology. Easily adjustable shift force and interrupt durations. Features 3 simple adjusters for each parameter, no phones, PCs or LCD required! Works straight out of the box! no dyno time necessary!


TLS-QSXI-YK-DCS-108 kit includes shift rods that can be used on OEM or Vortex rearsets for 06+ Yamaha R6. There is also a 6mm female shift rod for rearsets like Sato, or most cheap imitation rearsets like Arashi. If you have an R6 with woodcraft rearsets, you will need a woodcraft specific shift rod. Put a note on your order and we will invoice you separately for it.


*** Some Models require an additional shift rod from what is included in the kit.

  • R1 2002-2009 require TLS-TR-FF-70
  • R1 2001 and older require TLS-TR-FF-70
  • R6 2005 and older require TLS-TR-FF-70
  • R6 2006+ require TLS-TR-FM-108 (included in the TLS-QSXI-YK-DCS-108 kit)