Translogic Blip Assist System 2017+ R6


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Translogic has a newly released Blip Assist Kit for the 2017+  R6.

This kit is more affordable than any other blip assist options available to date. It utilizes the OEM Upshift capability in the factory ECU, and the stand alone blip assist system handles your downshifts making for super smooth clutchless downshifts. The latest firmware and tuning on these units has the shifting spot on with our test bikes.

The kit includes the blip assist unit, shift rods, the DCS dual direction shift sensor, adaptor to plug for the OEM harness, and a pit lane warm up button.

  • Blip Assist
    • Automatic throttle blipping system utilizes a dual channel shift sensor in your shift rod assembly to signal the Blip Assist unit and trigger a lightning fast throttle blip. This facilitates the MotoGP inspired seamless downshift you’ve been dreaming of!
    • The blip duration is adaptive and uses multi-stage blip intensity technology.
    • The blip assist unit has a pro tuning mode that allows shift pedal pressure adjustment for the strain gauge shift sensor and blip duration adjustments for five RPM ranges. This level of adjustability is what makes the Translogic system our goto option for all of our race bikes. No matter what gearing setup you’re running you can have a seamless downshift.
    • The blip assist system can be installed to allow for autoblip everytime you pull on the shift pedal, or only when you’re using your brakes and downshifting. This level of customization makes this a perfect fit for so many riders and racers!
  • DCS Sensor
    • The Translogic Dual Channel Sensor works in both directions (push and pull). Separate outputs on the sensor allow it to be used for STD or GP shift setups.
    • Titanium and Steel construction, vibration immune, false trigger immune, environmental testing, and multiple phases of testing and calibration make this the most reliable shift sensor available.
  • Pit Lane Warmup
    • The blip assist system has a pit lane warmup function that will provide 100 calculated light throttle blips.
    • Warmup button is provided in the blip assist kit!

TLS-BA4.2-R6-DCS-108 kit includes shift rods that can be used on OEM or Vortex rearsets for 06+ Yamaha R6. There is also a 6mm female shift rod for rearsets like Sato, or most cheap imitation rearsets like Arashi. If you have an R6 with woodcraft rearsets, you will need a woodcraft specific shift rod. Put a note on your order and we will invoice you separately for it.